The Great Resignation offers even greater opportunities for senior managers

The Great resignation

It’s almost serendipitous that the word “resignation” means to both leave a job, and to accept the inevitable. Countless words have already been written about The Great Resignation flowing through companies globally. In fact, we’ve already discussed another part of the equation in this megatrend, The Great Retirement. But while The Great Resignation is inevitable, […]

Why banks won’t lend to SMEs, and what you can do about it


It just keeps getting harder for SMEs to gain funding – but if you’re a business owner, there are great options available to you that you might not have considered.  Australia is an entrepreneurial nation, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the engine room of our economy and the backbone of our communities. According […]

The Great Retirement is the trend to watch in 2022

You’ve probably heard of The Great Resignation – but in 2022, PieLAB will be focused on facilitating The Great Retirement.  Originally coined by Professor Anthony Klotz of Texas A&M University, who predicted a mass exodus of resignations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the much-ballyhooed Great Resignation has seen workers leaving their jobs in droves […]

How to foster a culture of success in your workplace

I’ve read a business book every two weeks for nearly 25 years, and spent my entire adult life running businesses. I’ve read hundreds of research papers on business theory and attended six business schools in four countries.  Of all the things I’ve learned about running a business, the one that’s had the most profound impact […]

How PieLAB decides which businesses to invest in

Cloudstaff, a PieLAB portfolio company

Most private equity firms and investment funds acquire a business, make it more profitable, and then quickly sell it. PieLAB is different, in that its investments are always made with a long-term focus. That means PieLAB is very unlikely to sell any business it invests in. But why is that? In this article, PieLAB partners […]

Five keys to managing risk as your business grows

Managing risk

They say there’s no reward without risk – but you should still look before you leap. Here are five essentials for managing risk as you implement growth strategies for your business.  At PieLAB Council Capital, we specialise in helping SMEs grow sustainably and build great businesses for the long term. We’ve helped a variety of […]

A better, simpler way of thinking about strategy for SMEs

Better strategy

Three key takeaways from Felix Oberholzer-Gee’s exceptional new book, Better, Simpler Strategy: A Value-Based Guide to Exceptional Performance, to help every business streamline their strategic initiatives.  As a self-professed business geek, I’ve read a lot of business books – about one every few weeks for the last 20 years. And while there have been some […]

The one piece of technology that could change your business


Warren Buffet is considered by many to be the greatest investor in the history of the world. His company Berkshire Hathaway probably has the best long-term investment record in the history of civilisation. Buffet’s business partner Charlie Munger credits this to one thing – Warren Buffet’s commitment to learning.