The Great Retirement is the trend to watch in 2022

You’ve probably heard of The Great Resignation – but in 2022, PieLAB will be focused on facilitating The Great Retirement.  Originally coined by Professor Anthony Klotz of Texas A&M University, who predicted a mass exodus of resignations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the much-ballyhooed Great Resignation has seen workers leaving their jobs in droves […]

How PieLAB decides which businesses to invest in

Cloudstaff, a PieLAB portfolio company

Most private equity firms and investment funds acquire a business, make it more profitable, and then quickly sell it. PieLAB is different, in that its investments are always made with a long-term focus. That means PieLAB is very unlikely to sell any business it invests in. But why is that? In this article, PieLAB partners […]

A better, simpler way of thinking about strategy for SMEs

Better strategy

Three key takeaways from Felix Oberholzer-Gee’s exceptional new book, Better, Simpler Strategy: A Value-Based Guide to Exceptional Performance, to help every business streamline their strategic initiatives.  As a self-professed business geek, I’ve read a lot of business books – about one every few weeks for the last 20 years. And while there have been some […]