Smoke Alarm Testing Services

Daniel Kramarzewski
SATS CEO Daniel Kramarzewski.

A super smart, locally owned and operated smoke alarm testing company.

PART OF THE Pielab Council Capital fund.

Operating for more than 10 years and with extensive partnerships within the real estate industry throughout Australia and New Zealand, Smoke Alarm Testing Services (SATS) specialises in providing a compliance service to real estate agents and property managers.

The business was founded by Jeremy Batten whose background in real estate has given the company an advantage of knowing what their clients want and need – reliability, knowledge, professionalism, integration and unbeatable service.

After building the business to become a major operator in the industry, Jeremy felt it was time to step back and let someone else continue the journey.

Jeremy chose to partner with PieLAB, and retained an equity stake in the business and remained on the board as a non executive director. General Manager Dan Kramarzewski has stepped up into the CEO role to lead the SATS team into the future.

As legislation and compliance requirements morph and change, SATS provides current solutions so real estate agents and property managers throughout Australia and New Zealand don’t have to.

Today, SATS is responsible for checking smoke alarms on over 100,000 properties every year.


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